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An endodontist is a dentist who is specialized in treating the roots of the teeth. Endodontists deal primarily with root canal treatments of various types. Tuscany Dental Centre performs many simple root canals right here in our Calgary dental office. However, for more complex or serious cases, we may refer patients to a trusted endodontist in Calgary.

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is typically needed after the roots of a tooth are impacted or become infected. The need for a root canal treatment is usually noticed when a patient begins to experience severe tooth pain in a specific area of the mouth. Endodontists have extensive education surrounding the various types of root canal treatment, as well as the anatomy of the teeth, gums, and tooth roots.

Root Canal Retreatments

Endodontists are often involved in root canal retreatment, which occurs when a tooth that previously had a root canal treatment becomes reinfected and needs to be treated again. Although most root canal treatments are effective the first time, there is always a chance of reinfection. If you have had a root canal previously and are feeling pain in the same area, be sure to make an appointment with Tuscany Dental Centre to have x-rays taken to check on the area.

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