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If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may require a root canal procedure. Root canal treatment aims to save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. We often recommend root canal procedures to correct an apparent problem, or occasionally an unapparent, undiagnosed, or hidden problem. Our NW Calgary dentists are highly experienced in performing root canal procedures at our dental clinic.

Is Root Canal Procedure Effective?

Root canal treatment is very often successful and can quickly eliminate pain and remove infection from the roots of the teeth. Although there are some risks with root canals, they are very infrequent. Our team will go through the procedure from preparation to post-operative care before your appointment to ensure you can make an informed decision. Keep in mind that a root canal procedure will not prevent future tooth decay, tooth fracture, or gum disease.

Your Root Canal Dentist in Calgary

Our specialized root canal dentists in Calgary have helped countless patients over the years to restore root canal health and prevent future oral health issues. We also have access to specialized endodontists who can help with more severe or complex cases. Say goodbye to tooth pain! Contact our dentists in Calgary today if you require root canal treatment.

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