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Although the main goal of dentistry is to keep your natural teeth healthy and strong, there are some circumstances in which it makes sense to remove a tooth or multiple teeth. For example, if a tooth root is badly infected and cannot be treated with a root canal, our dental team may recommend having the tooth extracted. Our dentists perform tooth extractions in NW Calgary to help keep your dental care convenient, affordable, and comfortable.

What to Expect

Simple tooth extraction can be a very straightforward procedure. Although some patients experience anxiety beforehand, they are typically surprised by how comfortable, quick, and simple the procedure is. It does, however, take longer for the socket to heal. After your procedure, our dental team will provide you with detailed instructions for aftercare to help make sure your procedure is a complete success.

Sectioning a Tooth

Although we may remove a whole tooth in a single piece, it is sometimes necessary to break a tooth into multiple pieces before we remove it. This is known in dentistry as sectioning. Our dentist in NW Calgary will assess your tooth, the teeth around it, and the gums and roots to determine whether sectioning is necessary. Whether or not you need sectioning, you will be kept informed throughout the procedure about what to expect and provided with full decision-making power.

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