Root Canal Therapy & Treatment

The goal of root canal treatment is to save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. Although root canal treatment has a very high success rate, as with all medical and dental procedures, it is a procedure whose results cannot be guaranteed. Further, root canal treatment is performed to correct an apparent problem and occasionally an unapparent, undiagnosed or hidden problem arises.

The procedure will not prevent future tooth decay, tooth fracture or gum disease, and occasionally a tooth that has had a root canal treatment may require re-treatment, endodontic surgery, or tooth extraction.

RISKS: Are unlikely, but may occur. They might include but are not limited to:

  • Instrument separation in the canal
  • perforations (extra openings) of the canal with instruments.
  • Blocked root canals that cannot be ideally completed
  • Incomplete healing.
  • post-operative infection requiring additional treatment or the use of antibiotics.
  • tooth and/or root fracture that may require extraction.
  • fracture, chipping, or loosening of existing tooth or crown
  • pos-treatment discomfort
  • temporary or permanent numbness
  • change in the bite or jaw joint difficulty (TMJ problems or TMD)
  • medical problems may occur if I do not have the root canal completed
  • reactions to anesthetics, chemicals or medications

Root Canal Dentist in Calgary

Our specialist root canal dentists in Calgary have helped countless patients over the years to restore root canal health and prevent future oral health issues.

A root canal dentist can help you treat root canal infections quickly, effectively and without compromising your smile.

Don’t put up with tooth pain. Contact our root canal dentists in Calgary today if you think you may require root canal treatment.


What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is the process of treating an infection in the root of the tooth.

With root canal therapy, an otherwise health tooth can be saved and restored, where it may otherwise have required extraction.

An infection in the root canal of your tooth can be painful and uncomfortable.

Root canal therapy allows your dentist to treat the infected root area by removing and disinfecting the pulp of the tooth, while leaving the rest of the tooth in place and in tact.


Root Canal Specialist

If you think you may require root canal therapy, our root canal specialist are here to help.

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How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

Root canal therapy cost can vary based on the severity of the infection in the pulp of your tooth.

Generally speaking, root canal therapy is a cheaper option than some other alternative treatments such as dental implants.

Root canal therapy costs are also sometimes partially covered by your insurance plan.

Here at Tuscany Dental Centre, we always work with our patients to help them maximise their dental health insurance coverage and better manage the costs of their dental care.

To discuss your options with our experienced and helpful team, and get a better understanding of your root canal therapy costs, contact Tuscany Dental Centre today.


What Are The Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy?

There are a few alternatives to root canal therapy, and options can vary based on what level of cosmetic finish you want to achieve.

A simple option is to just extract the infected tooth.

This is the most cost effective way to treat an infected tooth, however, it is not a treatment option we usually advise patients to consider, due to the cosmetic implications.

A tooth extraction leaves a gap in your smile and, in the long run, could also lead to shifting in the alignment of your teeth and changes to your bite that could cause further dental issues in the long term.

Whenever an extraction does take place, we always advise patients to consider replacing the tooth with a dental implant.

Dental implants are another alternative to root canal therapy.

By removing the infected tooth and replacing it with an implant, you remove the source of the infection without compromising on the cosmetics of your smile.

Implants are a great alternative to root canal therapy, however, given the choice, most patients usually prefer the chance to treat the infection and save their natural tooth.

This is the main advantage of root canal therapy – if it’s successful, you can keep your natural tooth.

Other Treatment Choices:

The following other treatment options might be possible:

  • no treatment at all
  • waiting for more definitive development of symptoms
  • extraction: to be replaced with either nothing, a denture, a bridge or an implant