Dental Fillings In Northwest Calgary

Mercury Free Dentistry


Here at Tuscan Dental, we have been helping patients in our local Calgary community to create brighter, happier and more natural looking smiles for years.

Our commitment to your smile means that we exclusively recommend and use composite dental fillings in our Calgary clinic.

Composite dental fillings are safe, strong, enduring and more attractive material to metal. They’re called white fillings because of the natural, tooth color of the resin, making them virtually invisible.

Dental Amalgam which has been traditionally used for dental fillings presents health and environmental problems which we avoid by using mercury free composite fillings.


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Dental Fillings in Calgary

Your dentist in Calgary may recommend dental fillings if your tooth is in the early stages of decay.

Dental fillings are intended to act as a restorative dental technique that also helps to prevent the possibility of the decay worsening and causing bigger dental issues.

If left untreated, decay can go on to cause more complicated dental problems that will ultimately be more difficult, time consuming and expensive to repair.

Areas of initial decay – also known as cavities – can be quickly and effectively repaired with the use of a dental filling.

Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures, and here at Tuscany Dental our experienced dentists have carried out thousands of successful dental filling procedures.



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