Our Family Dental Practice

Tuscany Dental Centre is committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain their optimal oral health in a caring and relaxed environment. We provide high quality dentistry by utilizing the most advanced techniques, materials, and technologies.

Our practice values are threefold:

  • First , we believe in practice excellence. We expect that everything we do, clinically, administratively and with our patient relationships will be done with excellence.
  • Next, we believe in providing healthy solutions. As a health care provide, we believe in providing patient solutions that give them the best possible choices for dental health.
  • Finally we believe that people make a difference. We believe the sum of great dentistry, provided in great atmosphere and provided by great people is the key to our long term success.

We want our patients and our team to feel welcome and engaged, and we are thrilled that you are a part of our practice!!

Understanding the Dental Fees in Alberta

On January 1st, 2018, a guideline was published outlining the different dental treatments and standard costs accounted with those treatments. The guide was created by the Alberta Dental Association (ADA) in the interest of transparency and an attempt to align with the other provinces in Canada. Although the guide does provide a basis for fees throughout the province, it does not take into account the vast variance in the cost of living and doing business in the many unique regions of our province. Should you wish, please feel free to ask us to provide information on our fees for services, as at Tuscany Dental Centre, we take pride in our own transparency and quality of work.

Manage the Cost of your Dental Care

Here at Tuscany Dental Centre we are always concerned about providing you with the best possible care of the best value.
We also encourage you to consider that by far the best means of keeping your dental fees in check is preventative dental maintenance.

  1. Brush, floss and take care of your teeth. It takes less time daily to service your teeth than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Spend time with your teeth.
  2. Visit your dentist for your annual or semi-annual check-up without fail. Regular check-ups ensure that potential areas of concern are identified and treated early, before it becomes a significant expense.
  3. Start as early as possible. Think of your teeth as an investment and think of servicing your teeth as compound interest. The earlier you invest, the better the payout later in life.
  4. Ask for an estimate if you are concerned about the fee or ask our provider to explain the details. Be informed!


At Tuscany Dental Centre we love to help, serve and see our patients have great dental health. Just ask us!!!!

Our Family Dental Services in Calgary

Here at Tuscany Dental, we have been proudly serving the NW Calgary community for years. Some of our key services include: