Dental X-Rays in NW Calgary

Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays are a form of radiography. At Tuscany Dental Centre we use Digital Radiography. They can show wisdom teeth, cavities and things like bone loss that can?t be seen in a regular visual dental examination. They are essential in diagnosis of cavities, root canal treatment, tooth removal and orthodontic alignment. Dental x-rays are important based on your age, risk for disease and signs of disease.

Some different form so dental x-rays are:

  • Periapical x-rays which show the entire tooth. They?re used to find problems below the gums such as tumors, impacted teeth abscesses and more. Often done during a person?s first dental visit.
  • Bitewing x-ray shows the lower teeth and upper back teeth and the way they alighn. They?re used to find problems such as tooth decay and misalignement of teeth or bone loss. These x-rays are taken during check-ups to look for tooth decay.
  • Occlusal x-ray shows the tooth and bottom of your mouth. They?re used to find teeth that may not?ve come through the gums, jaw fractures, cleft palates, growths and more.
  • Panoramic x-rays show a wide view of the entire lower face. Including jaw and jaw joints, nasal area, teeth, and sinuses. They?re used to find infections, fractures, impacted teeth, bone abnormalities and more. These are taken at your first appointment to allow us to have a full visual of what is going on in your mouth.

Without x-rays, you might miss the early stages of tooth decay or other oral problems. Take preventative measures today! Call 403-239-0010 or visit Tuscany Dental Centre for more information or to schedule your dental appointment.